Which DevOps Skills Pay the Most?

Those DevOps experts who command the highest salaries also possess some extraordinary skills. Not only do they know the ins and outs of the latest enterprise automation technology, for example, but they also have the “soft skills” necessary to operate collaboratively across any given organization. They can finesse their way through every stage of the software-development lifecycle, all the way through implementation.

Most of all, DevOps experts are good at handling transitions. While most employees regard change as something to be feared, a DevOps staffer must embrace it wholeheartedly—because the alternative is failure and destruction. He or she examines the organization’s processes for dangerous gaps, and works with others to propose solutions.

In the following list, you’ll notice that the highest-paying DevOps skills generally revolve around automation and configuration management. This is no coincidence: platforms such as Ansible, by automating tasks like software provisioning, ensure that DevOps can do its collective job—no matter what the size of the organization. Read Full Article Click Here

Reference:- This article was posted on BestDevOps.com


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